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Balancing Insight & Action
For a Confident Life

We want change - and yet continue to do what has not worked in the past.

We want to make a decision - and yet can't break free from ambivalence.

We want to pursue a life goal - and yet struggle to commit.

When our habitual patterns do not support us anymore it is time to reflect and challenge them.

I offer a safe and calm environment where you can explore your situation and new, more fulfilling behaviors.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to that which lies within us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

MindfulnessHakomi - Insight and integration through mindfulness

There are times when it is hard to be in touch with what we feel. What lies "underneath" may be too painful, too uncomfortable, or too confusing. We reduce our sensitivity to such feelings - but at a price: Our lack of connection can mean that we lose a sense of aliveness, wholeness, or direction.

The intention of Hakomi...

... is to acknowledge and integrate the many parts that make your self, and to increase your ability to behave flexibly - exercising a greater freedom of choice. We will work to expand core beliefs, and to reduce emotional pain that may have had a place in your life - but is not necessary anymore.

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